A Long Journey To A Horrible Place

At Diarmoc’s request the fellowship sets off for Lond Daer by way of Tharbad. But what they find in Tharbad may be even worse than they remember.

Session Log

At the Boar Festival in Bree Diarmoc approaches Nob with a desperate request. With the number of refugees from Tharbad in Bree there’s not enough work to go around, so now Diarmoc’s only option is to reach his relatives in Lond Daer. But the journey is long and perilous, and he would feel much safer with the fellowship to protect him. Considering how long it’s been since they were last in Lond Daer (in Defiling The Abyss) they fellowship agrees that they should go that way anyway, and so they set out together.

Deciding on a route through Tharbad and then down river, the fellowship sets off South along the Greenway. As they pass the Barrow Downs Nob spots deer, but decides not to pursue them into the Downs. Just South of Wyncross Ithildir finds signs that elves were there recently, possibly Gildor’s folk, and knowing there are elves about brightens the spirits of all.

As Tharbad appears on the horizon Tarandis spots Captain Gurnow’s guards patrolling. She finds a path around them, bringing the fellowship to the gates without hassle.

At the gates the tokens Gurnow gave the fellowship (in Not Bad, Tharbad) are enough to convince the guards to let them pass, but inside Tharbad is even worse than before. The fellowship makes for The Bridge Inn where Titus welcomes them. Ithildir offends Titus by choking on eel pie, and but Nob smoothes it over. Man loves an eel pie.

Nob suggests a pub crawl as a cover for getting the lay of the land. While Gurnow is a shitshow, he’s still the only thing bringing any kind of order to Tharbad. A coupe won’t solve the city.

Deciding that the city won’t be saved easily, the fellowship decides to continue their journey to Lond Daer. Jan The Frog arranges a boat to take them down river. On the way Nob fails to hunt, so it’s beans all the way. The fellowship and Diarmoc’s family arrive in Lond Daer.

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