Live, Laugh, Legolas

On Emol Tol the fellowship confronts the past and tests their resolve to journey far from home to drive away the darkness. Will an ancient blade and an oath be enough to defeat the foul spirits sent to the island?

Session Log

On the shores of Emel Tol, the Island of the Mother, the westernmost mortal lands, the fellowship comes ashore at the camp of a Lossoth hunting party led by Jagat. He reveals that the Lossoth came here with Elwing, Eagre’s daughter, in her boat. But they wrecked on the Southwestern shore and have been trapped here by the malicious sorcerous storms since. Some days before Elwing wandered into the woods and hasn’t been seen since.

The fellowship attempts to brave the woods to following Elwing’s trail, but Nob quickly loses the trail as the spirits of the woods weigh on him. With no path through the woods, instead the fellowship heads West, past the shipwreck to the Númenórean fortress.

The ruined fortress is mostly undisturbed, though the forge does seem to have been used more recently than the rest of it. A ritual path exits the fortress to the East climbing up the central hill of the island, and the fellowship follows it.

At the top is a weed-strewn burial mound. After circling it the fellowship is met by the spirit of an old woman who sheds tears for those she lost to quests, glory, and the battle with the darkness. She implores them thrice to leave this life behind and return home and “Live, Laugh, Legolas” but none of the fellowship is willing to give up their duty. As she fades away she points towards a hill in the forest clearly visible from this high vantage.

Hoping for a better result Boron takes the lead through the forest this time. Despite the malignant spirits about them and the wights shifting about the woods the fellowship makes it to the hill easily enough now that they know the location.

A small cave sits in the side of the rise, and Boron’s lantern reveals Elwing curled up at the back of it, muttering to herself. At her feet is a blackened sword held in a skeletal hand. Nob approaches Elwing to try to calm her, but she is spooked and scrambles away, kicking the sword to Nob’s feet in the process. He picks it up, and as he does he receives a vision of his ancestor who says:

Three times I came to this grave, this sacred land. Once when I was young and brave, and sought adventure. Through adventure I won glory at the King’s right hand. Again when the King charged me with a great quest: To break the darkness under Amon Guruthos. My courage failed me, and I fled into the west. I forged a sword and my courage anew. I found brave companions and set out again. But it was not enough. The darkness broke us. I alone survived. I fled, pursued by phantoms. A third time I returned. A third time pays for all. A third time I came to the grave of heroes to die, And wait for thee.

The sword is [[ Esterlang, The Unyielding Hope ]]. With the sword in mortal hands again the wood wights rush toward the cave.

The foul spirits of the wights prove hard to completely banish, and the tide of battle seems to be against the fellowship. As Ithildir, Tarandis, and Boron continue to fight Nob is visited once again by his ancestor who asks Nob to swear that he will complete his ancestors’ quest to defeat Amon Guruthos, The Hill of Fear. Nob agrees, and the power of his vow strengthens his comrades who overcome the wights.

Ithildir sings a song that lifts much of the shadow from Elwing. She is still a weak shadow of herself, but is at least herself again. They return Elwing to her father and together are able to repair the Lossoth ship. The Lossoth sail home, but not before Jagat invites them on their next hunt.

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