At the court of Queen Nimue in Lond Daer the seer Aglean recognizes Nob from his visions. Eagre the sailor recognizes the island in the vision as Emel Tol and charges Eagre to bring the fellowship to Emel Tol to find the truth of Aglean’s vision. Will they survive the journey, and if so what doom awaits them?

Session Log

The fellowship is met by a Knight of Lond Daer who bids them to an audience with Queen Nimue. After delivering Diarmoc to his family the fellowship goes to the Queen’s hall where they are met with an unusual sight: a hobbit in knight’s garb.

The hobbit, Falmir, seems as surprised to see the fellowship. His eyes light up at the sight of Nob and he hurries the fellowship to the audience hall saying something of a prophecy.

In audience with Queen Nimue Falmir explains that Nob matches the description of a figure in a vision of Aglean the seer. Aglean confirms that Nob is the precise person of his vision and explains what he saw:

Nob stands on a chilled beach of a strange island with a blackened sword in his hand. Beyond him on the island stand ruined towers, and frigid waters lap the shore. A wave rises from the North, dark and imposing, and crashes over the island, wiping everything away.

An old sailor scoffs from the rear of audience hall. Nimue calls him forward to explain, and he introduces himself as Eagre. He claims that the island described in the vision is one he visited many years ago when his ship was blown off course. Ithildir listens to his description and realizes that this is Emel Tol, The Island of The Mother in the words of mortals.

Queen Nimue judges this prophecy to be of importance and orders Eagre to bring Nob and his companions to Emel Tol to discover what doom lies there. Tarandis turns to the court and asks if no other soul will sail for glory to the isle. Enfys the Fisherwoman agrees to join.

After a day of preparations the fellowship sings Grey Skies On The Greyflood around their fire before setting out early the next morning.

As they set sail and turn north Tarandis gets a glimpse of the Straight Road to the West. The glorious sight keeps spirits high.

During a restless sleep on the boat Nob dreams of his grandfather, Oswald, standing on a lonesome frigid coast. Oswald asks why Nob would leave home and where he thinks he’s going. Unsure of what this vision might mean Nob lies and says he is going to Tharbad. Oswald shifts into an ancient haggard woman and a hill rises behind her, becoming a wave and reaching for Nob. He wakes in a cold dread and gains a point of Shadow.

As Nob describes his dream Boron reports a similar dream: the matriarch of the Firebeard clan asking him why he’s so far from home.

The next day the winds shift suddenly, but Ithildir is able to steer to match it and ride the wind. Behind the wind comes a roiling storm, but Nob is able to wrestle the supplies into place and keep the ship from capsizing.

The storm draws the wind along with it, leaving the ship becalmed. Tarandis spins a tale of journeying West to keep everyone’s spirits up.

When Emel Tol finally rises from the horizon Eagre spots a camp on the beach, though it seems deserted. As the ship rounds into a cove to go ashore a storm springs from nowhere, clearly a sorcerous assault. Only Tarandis has the valour to hold the tiller through the assault and bring the boat ashore as the storm dissipates.

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