A Bridge Into Troubled Waters

With Tharbad crumbling in a worsening flood the fellowship fights to save lives and return safely to Bree.

As winter sets in, Nob throws a long-expected 40th birthday party for himself. There may even be an unexpected guest…

Session Log

The fellowship returns to Tharbad to find the flood getting worse. Boron heads off to lend his “able dwarfish hands” (hot) to keeping the walls up. The middle island is already under water with only the tops of the buildings still dry, while the ruins of the old bridge are collapsing entirely.

Spotting Jan The Frog clinging to the pylon of the old bridge Nob leaps out onto the bridge to throw a rope. Griff attempts to calm the crowd by putting them to work, but a wall collapses on him and knocks him out. Tarandis gathers people to dig Griff out from the rubble. They manage to free the hobbit, but he’s in a bad way and likely to die without help.

Meanwhile on the ruins of the old bridge Nob pulls Jan up just as part of the causeway crumbles—including the part that Nob came in on. With hope fading shadow sets in on Nob’s heart.

Nob still manages to navigate the crumbling remains with Jan in tow and on the shore pulls forgotten athelas gathered at Weathertop in The False Battle of Weathertop.

Surveying the aftermath the fellowship finds many dead, including Milton the Brewer and his family. With the city staggering and in desperate need the fellowship decides to stay for a time and help the city:

  • Nob dives into the Greyflood to recover bodies, but the grueling work doesn’t bring any sense of closure.
  • Tarandis sings songs of hope.
  • Griff treats the wounded and brings some measure of sanitation.

With Tharbad as settled as it could be, the fellowship returns north. While passing through deep mists Tarandis hears a voice singing in the Black Speech, but is able to identify it as a wight and steer clear.

At Wyncross Nob hears a song of light and joy, heralding a chance meeting with Gildor Inglorion and his Wandering Company of elves. Making the most of their good fortune the fellowship trades stories over a day in camp. Gildor tells Tarandis to smile more, what a jerk. Nob makes a new hunting companion in Nathanar, one of the company. Another of the company, Merilben, is able to give Griff information on Hob who is now East of the Misty Mountains. Griff writes a hasty letter for Hob and hands it to Merilben in the hopes that their paths may cross again.

Reluctantly moving on, the fellowship continues North until they are beset by wolves. The battle is short and the fellowship is triumphant, allowing them to claim the hoard the wolves had been digging up.

Returning to Bree, Gandalf is there waiting for word. The Grey Wizard worries for Tharbad in these dark times.

Fellowship Phase (Winter)

  • The fellowship studies maps of the region to better guess at where the Black Númenóreans may have fled.
  • The fellowship gathers rumors on Johann Fleet, a merchant of Lond Daer who is in league with the Black Númenóreans.
  • Nob celebrates his 40th birthday in Bree, inviting all his friends.
    • Nob strengthens the fellowship by throwing the party
    • Griff strengthens the fellowship by attending with a full Hobbit feast (including pipeweed) in tow
    • Tarandis strengthens the fellowship by attending and singing her elven songs
    • Gandalf surprises everyone by attending, lifting some of the shadow from these dark days.

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