Hob's Your Uncle

After a brief detour to deal with a spy and his thugs in Bree the fellowship sets off to the East to guard a caravan of dwarves at Gandalf’s behest. Their journey leads them to Weathertop where they find a Ranger wounded by a Black Númenórean. Will they be able to save the Ranger and foil the evil plots afoot on Weathertop?

Session Log

Returning home from the ruins of Gwaegonath the fellowship meets Gandalf in Bree. Gandalf takes interest in their stories of Southerners allied with orcs and departs, telling the fellowship to meet him back in Bree on 1 Chithing 2967.

With time to return to their normal lives the fellowship set about pondering storied maps and writing a new journey song, Grey Skies On The Greyflood.

In Lindon Ithildir meets with Firiel, and elven smith, to attempt to cleanse The Dagger of Damrod. Firiel is unable to cleanse it herself, but she might be able to find a way if she knew the name of the smith who made it. She also notices moon runes on the blade.

As Rethe 2966 draws to a close the elves pass through the Shire on their way to Bree and stop to collect Griff who had forgotten when he was supposed to meet Gandalf. After a night of hospitality from Griff’s mother, Marigold, they continue on to Bree.

Gandalf is indeed in The Prancing Pony, but he seems surprised to see the fellowship. He has an expedition headed East which needs guards, but they’ve already left. Gandalf will take the fellowship to catch up with the expedition.

But first Gandalf absentmindedly wanders out and a traveler arrives and starts asking questions. When Ithildir tries to ascertain what the stranger is asking about he spooks and leaves. Tarandis tails the stranger and hears him asking Bree-folk about Imladris (that’s Rivendell to the mortals).

Back at The Prancing Pony Griff meets Tilly and Sid Lillyhawk who tell the sad story of being driven off from their home by none other than the mysterious stranger. Ithildir tries to persuade Barliman Butterburr to dish on the stranger, but he refuses and hurries off to warn the stranger.

Griff sets out after the stranger as well, but someone throws a sack over him from behind and drags him away. But Tarandis and Ithildir see it happen and follow after, eventually reaching a cottage with a dead body outside.

Inside the cottage Griff gets the stranger (Fastrid) and his hired goons (Cotter and Cory) to keep talking and arguing over what to do with the man they killed for “snooping.” He buys enough time for Ithildir to barge in. Griff talks down the tense situation before a fight can break out.

Ithildir, Griff, and Fastrid negotiate. Griff pushes for justice and reparations for the man Cory and Cotter killed while Ithildir is more concerned with Fastrid’s plan. Meanwhile outside Tarandis finds that the body is a Dunedain, Dwinhir, who had already been shot and was probably trying to find refuge in the cottage. Ithildir leverages the death of Dwinhir to awe Fastrid into caving and admitting he works for a Black Númenórean, Arnuadun. But as his attention is on Fastrid Ithildir misses Cotter pulling a hidden dagger and shanking him badly. Realizing he’s made a horrible mistake Cotter gives up and Ithildir lets them go with promises to never serve Arnuadun again.

With the brigands dealt with the fellowship goes down to the river to retrieve Dwinhir’s sword from where Fastrid dropped it. Gandalf finds them there and together they finally set off for The Last Bridge.

Journey log for the trip towards the Last Bridge

Along the way:

  • At The Forsaken Inn Gandalf parts ways, headed South for Lon Daer. Jack, the owner, has no room for the fellowship.
  • Ithildir goes coney hunting but doesn’t catch anything.
  • Griff gets devoured by midges in the appropriately-named Midgewater Marshes.

At Weathertop the fellowship finally finds the dwarves they seek, but the dwarves are unexpectedly heading back towards Bree. They introduce themselves as Náin, Nuin, Nóin, Nár, Fráin, Frerin, Fundin (but not that one), Flóin, Glórin, Gláufer, and Dóirak (Derek) son of Bombun, at your service. Griff introduces us, making sure to add “at your service and your family’s,” showing Hob’s letter of introduction. Gláufer is so impressed he breaks into The Ballad of Hek Axefoot. Ithildir attempts to join in, but gets a chill response from the dwarves. Tarandis joins in as well and finally everyone is singing as true friends.

Now trusting the fellowship Derek explains their mission and present predicament: Gandalf sent them out as bait to lure out spies, but close to The Last Bridge they spotted an apparition of a white rider and turned around, only to spot a spy headed up Weathertop.

The fellowship and the dwarves start to climb Weathertop, encountering signs of good fortune along the way and enheartening everyone. Following signs of a fire they eventually find Mirien, a Ranger who knew Dwinhir. She has made a hasty camp to tend wounds she suffered from a Black Númenórean who is still around Weathertop somewhere.

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