A mission of diplomacy to Queen Nimue in Lond Daer becomes a mission of diplomacy to the fisherfolk at Adûnitarik. Will the fellowship be able to earn their trust, or will they be blamed for the kidnapping and attempted murder among the fisherfolk?

Session Log

The fellowship sets off down the Greyflood from Tharbad on Giles’ barge towards Lond Daer on Mersday the 27th of Chithing. Three days downriver while anchoring for the night Nob goes out hunting, but Tarandis spots an archer intent on hunting Nob instead. With the keen reflexes of her kind Tarandis immediately exchanges arrows with the attacking Dunlanders, but is wounded in the process. Giles’ crew is able to fall back to the barge and hold off the Dunlanders, but in the melee Tarandis becomes weary. In his first taste of battle Griff slays a Dunlander and immediately pukes. The Dunlanders finally turn, but among their dead leave behind coin and a fine pair of elven boots from Eregion.

After the battle the rest of the journey is comparatively uneventful despite Nob’s hunting always seeming to lead into another spot of bother. The fellowship finally arrives in Lond Daer on 9 Thrimidge.

Taking their ponies up to the Queen’s Hall the fellowship are stopped by three guards: an old man missing a foot, the huge muscular warrior supporting him, and a (sigh) “swarthy” woman in armor. At the mention of Gandalf the reception turns cold, but the fellowship is still lead to see the queen, passing ancient statues of a wolf-like Beren and a bat-winged Luthien.

Finally in the audience hall of Queen Nimue the fellowship finds a much different court than they had expected: the queen is young, her knights are a rag-tag sort, and her hall is a repurposed building in a make-shift wall. The queen asks why Gandalf would not come himself, making her displeasure plain. Despite the gruff grunts of Boron, Nob and Griff are able to win over the queen with reasoned arguments, courtesy, and discreet offers of support.

The queen finally introduces her guard: Haldane the Huge, Aldis from the south, and Hurin he advisor. Her other knights are away hunting a beast in the Greyflood, and without them she has no trusted and capable couriers to carry a message of peace to the fisherfolk. The fisherfolk fear that a resurgent Lond Daer will come for their lands and Queen Nimue wishes to offer them assurances that her intentions are peaceful.

The fisherfolk were last known to be near Adûnitarik, the Pillar of the West, an old Númenórean tower. Carrying gifts from the queen the fellowship sets off in that direction.

Their arrival is anything but calm as they find the fisherfolk in chaos helping one of their own who was wounded. Thinking the fellowship might have been the attacker the fisherfolk attempt to drive them off, but Nob is able to convince them that they were not responsible. Tarandis calms the situation with a song.

Finally able to talk the victim is able to describe the attacker as heavily armed and armored, and that they took two children, Elred and Garret. Following the trail of the attacker the fellowship finds the site of a massacre and harden their hearts to do what must be done.

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