Recovering from the battle with Dolomedia the fellowship makes camp in Fort Arlas. In the dead of night Tarandis is awakened by the dim glow of a spectral orc standing over Boron readying a deadly blow. What scars will the ghostly battle leave?

Trekking into the swamps in search of Dolomedia’s lair the fellowship stumbles into a hillfolk ambush, but their awe of Ithildir keeps them from attacking and they instead lead the fellowship back to their camp. Can the fellowship convince the hillfolk to give up the letter?

Session Log

Taking in the aftermath of their battle with Dolomedia the fellowship decides to make camp in Fort Arlas. While everyone sleeps a dim glow dances on the elf eyes of Tarandis and awakens her in time to interrupt the ghostly orc standing over Boron and preparing to bash him with a vicious club.

In the ensuing battle the specter is defeated, but not before it deals a blow to Boron that knocks out even the stout dwarf. Looking for a safer place to recover the fellowship returns to Hildelid’s house. Nob is able to talk Hildelid into breaking out an ancient bottle of dwarf spirits and she finally warms up to her guests a bit more.

Setting off from Hildelid’s house the fellowship attempts to find Dolomedia’s lair (and presumed treasure) in the swamps. Nob leads the way into a hillfolk ambush site, but the attackers seem hesitant to spring the trap. Capitalizing on the hillfolk’s perception that the fellowship outmatches them Ithildir draws them out in awe by telling them that Dolomedia is dead and the fellowship killed her. The presence of their beloved pig helps as well.

Now embraced as saviors the fellowship is lead back to the depressingly sparse hillfolk camp. They’re met by the leader of this band of hillfolk, Norwinda, who Ithildir immediately recognizes as the daughter Hildelid thought she lost long years ago. Through songs, conversation, and a drunken boast about dwarves axes Norwinda eventually relents and returns Drustan’s bag and the letter he was carrying. The letter from Saruman to Elrond asks what Elrond knows of a knight named Thorongil.

Returning the letter to Gandalf, the fellowship takes their Yule:

  • Ithildir returns to Lindon and studies The Dagger of Damrod. He finds that the spirit tied to it is Gnarsh, the legendary orc killed at the foot of the Arlas tree, and that it will return to attempt to slay whomever has the dagger every full moon.
  • Tarandir returns to Lindon and seeks the wisdom of the elders. She gains herbs and blessings for her next journey.
  • Nob returns to Bree and tells the stories of his adventures, swapping Generous for Swift. “It’s not a very good sword but it’s wot I got.”
  • Boron goes to Bree and meets with Gandalf, gaining insight into the importance of stopping the Black Númenóreans.
  • Together the party composes a song of victory about their adventures: Eight Spears for Eight Eyes.

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